Wildlife Viewing in Africa

For many people that do decide to come and visit the African continent, their main aspect or aim will be to view the free roaming wildlife. Africa is the only continent that offers guest a chance to see a variety of wildlife in close proximity.

Learning about these incredible wildlife, before you go and see them will truly enhance your wildlife experience within Africa. Most visitors to the African continent, wishes to witness the Big Five, which refers to the Lion, Leopard, elephant, rhino and the African Buffalo.

Below we highlighted a few interesting facts about the wildlife the roams the grounds of Africa!


There are about 1,100 different species of mammals within the continent of Africa and about 2,600 different species of birdlife.

4 of the 5 fastest land animals lives within Africa.

The fastest land animal is the cheetah which goes up to 70 m/ph, then the wildebeest, the lion and the Thomsons gazelle which goes up to about 50m/ph.giraffes - wildlife

Did you know the butterfly has a wingspan of only ½. The smallest butterfly in the world is found within South Africa and it is called the Dwarf Blue Butterfly.

In Madagascar, chameleons are all over, this is its home and almost half of its species live on the island of Madagascar.

Elephants is the largest living mammal on land, weighing up to six to seven tons. These large animals are able to drink up to 160 litters of water per day.

The African elephant has a mutual dexterity within its trunk tip that it can actually turn pages of a book with it.

The Giraffes tongue is extremely long, its length can go up to 45cm. These elegant creatures have the same number of vertebrae in their necks as us humans. They have a total of seven, yet it is much larger.

Other animals that can definitely be found in Africa, will be the lion, penguins and seals.

What wildlife are you interested in seeing within Africa?

If you have been to Africa, why not share your experiences with us!


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