Wildlife Interaction in Africa!

Many individuals arrive on safaris with a specific checklist, this is understandable. Many safari destinations market themselves by listing the wildlife that you will be able to see on a safari.


Yet an African safari is not simply only about the animals that are being advertised. Its about how they live, how they interact, both with one another and the audience. Its not about elephants that place their calf’s in the middle, it’s about the mother that is hiding her playful calf between the unbreakable wall of defenders and of cause the elephant is not alone, as they approach the waterhole, the impala will quickly skip away.

A safari experience is about watching the hunting scenes which is probably the most interesting moments and sometimes, its quickly over and at other times it goes on for hours.

The drama of the predator that versus the prey symbolises both rawness of the landscapes as well as the untamed beauty of wildlife and landscapes.

“Nothing in the wild is adulterated or censored”

Viewing a particular animal within the wild for the first time is a special and magical experience. Different wildlife is also frequently interacting with each other. Some even become friends, finding comfort in numbers as well as inventively supporting their symbiotic survival. Others even turn out to be respectful enemies. And there’s always a short-lived interaction shared with the audience: the thrilled viewer on safari.

 Where will you be going on your next holiday? What type of safari animals is on your checklist? 

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