Walking safari safety tips

A walking safari is truly an experience of a lifetime. Below we have drawn up a few facts to remember when walking within the African bush.

Never go on a walking safari without an expert guide. These guides are trained and know the workings of the bush. Guides will ensure, your safety andGiraffe - Walks (45) will allow you to make the most of your safari trip.

  • Always listen to your safari guide.
  • Avoid wearing bright colours. Make sure you wear clothes that blend in with the African bush, to remain camouflaged.
  • Walk in a line, arm’s length away from one another.
  • Never run when you spot an animal. When you do run the animal will presume that you are prey and dangerous and will likely attack.
  • Never underestimate the speed of wildlife. While Hippos and crocodiles seem slow and lazy, they are capable of attacking at high speed.
  • Stay quiet. Noise from humans will either make them run away or angry. If you need to communicate, whisper rather to one another.
  • Do not smoke, drink or eat anything other than water on a safari
  • Do not try and communicate or interfere with the animals you encounter.
  • Do not pick any flowers or natural objects from the ground.

A walking safari is truly incredible, go again incredible insights into the world of the wild and experience the beauty of the African Bush, its creatures and ecosystems.


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