Types of Safaris Found

Luxury safaris choices made easy!

safari views

These different types of safari choices below should make the selection process a bit easier. You’ll find a full selection of African safaris from experienced photographic trips and perfect honeymoons to adventurous activities and more traditional African explorations by vehicle, foot or canoeing.

Choose Your Type of Safari:

Family getaways  – Wildlife Fun activities for the whole family!

family safaris
Family safaris in Africa






Migration viewing – Its the most amazing view and experience watching various wildlife move from one area to another.

migration of wildlife
Wildlife migration

Traditional African safaris – Traditional old-school African trips is whereby you travel with professional safari guide and then stay over at an  traditional safari  lodge or camp all around Africa.

cheetah Interaction at safaris lodges
Wildlife at safaris

Walking with the wildlife– Place your feet on the ground, feel and hear the sound of wildlife within Africa.

walk with giraffes
walk with giraffes

Canoeing – the guides are  fully qualified and  offer a unique means for getting safely close to wildlife.

canoe safaris

Honeymoon getaways – have a romantic getaway with the wildlife

Honeymoon safaris

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