South Africa’s National Animal – Springbok

The Antelope – Springbok

The Springbok is South Africa’s national animal and was adopted by the South African Sports teams. Why, many may ask. It could be due to their speed as springboks are able to run up to 88 km/h.

In addition to their fast speed, springboks have a behaviour called pronking, this is a type of stotting jump, whereby their leap high into the air, curve their bodies.

This type of behaviour is known to distract predators.


During the mating season, the males will fight for dominance over the herd of females.

Springboks as well as other antelopes are grazers and browsers, they shift between different food sources, depending on availability. Within the Klein Karoo, shrubs and grass are favourites yet they will eat other types of vegetation too, including flowers.


Springboks are extremely outgoing and historical. Their numbers have declined over the years. Groups of springbok occasionally add up to 1500 and during the dry season, the larger herds will usually split up into smaller groups of up to a 100. This group includes a small number of dominant males.

Why should we save or conserve the springbok?

Did you know? The springbok has been a popular antelope to hunt, because of their meat.

The migration of massive herds had disastrous effects on crops. This resulted in the disappearance of South African parks and nature reserves throughout the country.







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