Luxury Tented Safari Camp

Kuganha Luxury tented camp is situated in the heart of  Inverdoorn Game Reserve and is located just two and a half hours away from Cape Town, stretching across 10 000 hectares, you will find Kuganha.

tents kuganha luxury When visiting the luxury tented camp you will certainly not forget that you are in the wild, there is nothing primitive about this elegant and modern African tent.

Kuganha means victory in the Mozambican dialect and Inverdoorns latest accommodation type means that they are celebrating the victory of many species that have been saved and are now living happily and freely on the grounds within the karoo. Kuganha highlights the stories of people working against all odds to protect wildlife and nature, it represents the progress that Inverdoorn has made and what is yet to come.

Damien Vergnaud CEO, of Inverdoorn Game Reserve says,” we strive to provide our guests with life-changing wilderness and genuine African tented safaris, unlike the usual and nothing that can be experienced elsewhere.

Kuganha which means victory has also pushed everyone involved to go beyond the usual African safari tented experiences, offering highly personalised/tailor made safaris including unmatched luxury, reaching victory point and reinsuring us that we are on the right track.

The Luxury Tented camps comprises of three tents located within the reserve of Inverdoorn and a shaded open-plan lounge area, where guest are able to relax indoors or around the pool and enjoy the magnificent views of the Klein Karoo.

The Activities at Kuganha tented camps makes the experiences much more memorable as they will be able to explore the diverse landscapes by foot or vehicle with an expert safari guide, meet the elephants roaming freely around the tents, have breakfast with one of the resident tamed cheetahs or enjoy sitting around the fire and enjoy a true African styled braai.

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