African Safari Essentials

South Africa is everyone’s dream destination. It is home to an unforgettable number of wild animals and astonishing natural scenic beauty.

Pack for your holiday in Africa

In average South Africa’s climate are fairly warm all year round. However, during the colder months, usually between June and August. Travelers can expect to experience temperatures that range from 7 to 22 degrees Celsius. In summer, November to February, temperatures rise from 16 to 36 degrees Celsius.


There are certain things or essentials every travelers needs when planning to go on a holiday in South Africa.

In terms of clothing, usually choose neutral clothing colours as bright or other colours seem to scare animals away. Travel less if you are flying business class – 20kg.

Keep in mind that when travelling to your destination, your passport, chronic medicines wallet and plane ticket should always be at hand.

Below is a list of all your essential safari needs:

  • Don’t forget all gadget chargers if there are electricity.
  • Neutral colours, sunglasses and hats needs to be packed.
  • Remember protecting your sun against the African sun is extremely important.
  • Bring your camera along

Most safaris in South Africa are malaria free zones. You are allowed to pack in ointment for minor scars and bites. Don’t forget your lip balm as your skin might not be use to the humidity or dry weather that you are going to experience.

With all these in mind, you will have all things packed to have an enjoyable safari adventure in Africa.



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