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Our expert team has been helping travellers from around the world to plan and book unforgettable luxury safari experiences, by getting down to the questions and facts we all want to know before we go on an safari in Africa. We express and show our own travel experiences to ensure that we can offer the very best safaris to suit every client's unique set of expectations.

We are passionate about Africa and wildlife, and we live and travel in this spectacular region to bring you the finest and most exclusive holiday experiences that these regions has to offer. We want to make you feel like you are at home when you visiting Africa. While the holiday experiences we organise are high-end, luxurious and tailor-made, you will save time, as we provide all information relating to safaris in Africa. We feature safaris all over Africa - Which includes, South Africa Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania, whether you are travelling alone or as couples, families or small groups.

We will supply you with information and distances of various game reserves within various cities. Come and experience the most scenic, unique and amazing wildlife within Africa’s’ Game Reserves.

Come and take a walk on the wild side and experience the best safaris Africa has to offer. Luxury safari is your portal towards discovering the best animal encounters and accommodation.

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Therefore lets go back to basics in style. Whatever you prefer, Luxury safari got you covered and will find that perfect fit for every explorer. Whether you are looking for the best luxury safari accommodation or hands on experience in the wild, we are sure to supply you with the perfect safari adventure and destination, and let discovery be the name of your game...

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These different types of safari choices below should make the selection process a bit easier.

Travel to Africa could become challenging. One wrong step and your safari getaway could be ruined by a not having the right equipment.

Your luxury safari in the Southern or East Africa is all about getting the best possible safari experience and game drives each morning and night.